Family & Community Wellness


A strong and stable family is critical to the long-term wellness of children. East Bay Agency for Children provides several types of services that strengthen families and children, building resiliency to face future adversity and, where possible, increasing the potential of preventing exposure to trauma in the first place.


Grief Support - more info... 
Circle of Care is a unique program that supports children and their families coping with the death of a significant person in their life. This program helps children express their emotions, and learn coping tools and make social connections and supports through specialized Peer Support Groups, Crisis Support, Community Trainings & Workshops, and Information and Referral. Circle of Care is open to any child and their family.


Child Assault Prevention - more info... 
The East Bay Agency for Children is a recognized leader in addressing child abuse in Alameda County. EBAC recognizes that preventing, responding to and healing child abuse and neglect requires addressing risk factors and protective factors with a holistic approach that attends to the needs of each family member at multiple levels (family, school, relationships, and community) and through multiple tiers of service.


Family Resource Centers – more info…
Family Resource Centers offer convenient, inviting, and helpful places for parents to come for assistance in accessing a myriad of public benefits important to their family’s health and wellness. With multilingual and multicultural staff, EBAC-run Family Resource Centers help local families access the support services available to them so their children can thrive.


Early Childhood Programs - more info
East Bay Agency for Children offers programs for children birth to 5 years old and a parent or caregiver that focus on socio-emotional learning, play-based learning, socializing with others, and building blocks of literacy, phonics, and school readiness. Classes are conducted in Spanish and English. More information here.


Frick Family Wellness Center - more info... 
East Bay Agency for Children operates the Frick Family Wellness Center in East Oakland in conjunction with Native American Health Center. The Frick Family Wellness Center is a community resource for convenient, high-quality physical and behavioral health services for students and families of Frick Impact Academy and the surrounding community. Services include: Medical Services, Dental Services, Health Education, Counseling, Case Management, Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance, School Nurse, and Youth Development. Full family resource support services are now available at Frick.


Afterschool programs – more info...
East Bay Agency for Children’s comprehensive afterschool programs provide academic support along with enrichment activities, such as arts & crafts, cooking, gardening and music. Often, our program provides the only alternative for children in under-resourced neighborhoods to spend the afterschool hours in a safe, supervised and enriching environment.


Family engagement activities are a part of our afterschool programs and include potlucks, events and showcases as well as educational workshops for parents/guardians on topics they choose, such as nutrition, saving for college, and helping with homework.

Our programs are considered “model” afterschool programs, and EBAC staff have presented at conferences and shared best practices to numerous other afterschool program providers.




What is Ready4K?
It is a research-based text-messaging program for parents with children aged 8 and under. Each week, you will receive age-appropriate facts, easy tips and opportunities for growth to boost your child’s learning by building on existing family routines.


Why Should I Sign Up?
All parents want their children to succeed but many run out of ideas. Ready4K can help! The research behind this tool shows that receiving helpful texts can significantly increase children’s learning. This tool is easy to use and free, though data and message rates do apply. Learn More


Together we can reduce the impact of trauma and social inequities.

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