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East Bay Agency for Children strongly believes a well-trained workforce most effectively advances our mission. Consequently, we invest heavily in ensuring our staff receive significant training and opportunities for skill development throughout their careers.


Furthermore, EBAC’s Learning & Education Department is committed to providing opportunities for life-long learning to all people and systems supporting youth and families to thrive in the face of trauma. Our trauma-informed and culturally responsive course offerings teach foundational principles and best practices to those working with clients impacted by trauma.


Courses are open to the community, and priority registration is given to our primary intended audience: community members and professionals who are or plan to be involved in the lives of system-involved children and youth.


EBAC Trainings are sponsored in partnership with Chabot Los Positas Community College District and Alameda County Child Welfare Services. Trainings are contracted and funded by the Federal Foster Care Program Title IV-E funding. Title IV-E trainings are intended as a resource for Alameda County foster and adoption care providers and County staff members that provide support and assistance to these care providers. Please feel free to distribute training announcements to your IV-E qualifying county staff and IVE-E qualifying partners in the community.

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East Bay Agency for Children has a long history as an organization developing the next cohort of mental health clinicians offering a formal practicum program for graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in clinical therapy.

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Congratulations on graduating and completing your internship with East Bay Agency for Children. Our history of training mental health professionals and offering the ability to pursuing a career in clinical and non clinical positions continues. Welcome to the portal for the next step in your career.

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