Ppracticum Opportunities

East Bay Agency for Children offers practicum training opportunities within many of our programs. To be considered for a practicum position, review the opportunities below and complete the online application. For Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here


Direct questions to Alicia Montgomery LCSW, EBAC Program Director practicumprogram@ebac.org


Deadline for 2022 - 2023 school year placement:
Begins January 4th 2022
Ends June 30 2022
(Applications accepted until positions filled)
Click here for Online Application


Practicum opportunities for each school year are available in the following EBAC programs:


Open to All Interns
  1. Circle of Care (CoC)
    • Support groups and workshops for all members of a family where there is a child impacted by a serious illness or a death in the family
    • Crisis intervention for family and community loss
    • Intern placement hours are primarily between 1:30-9:30pm Tuesday and Thursday
    • Case management and parent education
      Location: Oakland, Hayward
  2. After School Program (ASP)
    • Social/Emotional support to clients
    • Case management and parent education
    • Regulation skills management
      Location: Oakland
  3. Frick Health and Wellness Center (FHWC)
    • Needs Assessment for services
    • Crisis intervention for family and community loss
    • Intake, case management and parent education
      Location: Oakland
  4. Family Resource Center (FRC)
    • Needs assessment for services
    • MediCal and CalFresh support and intake
    • Referral and support to community resources
    • Case management and parent education
    • Food Bank services
      Location: Oakland



"I saw the love in EBAC today that make me think how tightly knit this agency is when clinicians are joking with supervisors. It’s beautiful!"

School Based Behavioral Health Intern


"I am eternally grateful for the training I received during my placement at EBAC. What made it so special was being able to experience an entire year of field placement with a small cohort of other students, an"d being able to feel a kinship with others juggling grad school and the beginning struggles of entering this field. Having trainee-specific trainings was also extremely beneficial, as was being embraced by the staff as a whole and benefitting from their knowledge and experience through group supervisions and trainings alongside staff members. But what has stayed with me the most is how impactful my supervision was, and I will continue to hold those lessons close as I grow in this field."

Anonymous MSW


"I knew EBAC was the place for me the minute I stepped in for my interview. My passion was seen by my interviewer and I was confident, that this is where I wanted to learn and grow, personally and professionally. I'm so grateful that EBAC was accepting trainees when I first started, and even more grateful that they continued to keep me on. As a trainee, I was overwhelmed with the thought of saying goodbye to such passionate and talented clinicians. The work is hard, yes; however, it's also the most rewarding thing I do on a daily basis. I see a child smile. I catch them making better choices at school. I hear a parent say, "Oh so that's what trauma is." The breath of relief, a tear down the cheek, a smile or a grin, these little but meaningful actions keep me coming back, every day. EBAC has shaped me to give my 101% in every way I can, not only to the children and families, but to myself. Training at EBAC requires resiliency, strength, cooperation, and flexibility, and if you consider these to be weaknesses, EBAC will help you make them your powers. "

Shruti Patel: Trainee 2014-2015; Full time Clinician 2015-Present
Argosy University at the SFBA Campus in Alameda 2013-2015 MFT


"California State East Bay MFT My traineeship at EBAC was an amazing opportunity filled with an enormous amount of experiences. I received a great deal of support from the supervisors and employees, guiding me each step of the way. I learned so much about what the job entailed, showing me what would be expected of me in the field. I went to various trainings weekly around trauma, child therapy, self-care, mindfulness and how to work with certain ethnic groups. Most importantly, I learned medi-Cal billing, CANS assessment tool and treatment planning - something that my school did not offer. My traineeship was extensive and required a lot of out of me, but I wouldn't trade it for any other experience! "



"During my time with EBAC, I was fortunate in my placement at San Leandro High School. I felt supported and pushed to grow as a clinician and learn how to navigate clinical skills, documentation, and care coordination with my colleagues. What I treasure most from my time at EBAC is their commitment to trauma-informed practices and diversity and inclusion through their many ongoing trainings. Also, interning at a school that shows such strong values in social justice continues to inspire my work today. I'm so grateful for that opportunity, and I will take this experience with me at every internship and career in the future. Thanks for everything! "

Robyn Smith College MSW

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