Trauma-Informed Collaborative


Trauma is a recognized public health crisis. Leadership from the behavioral health departments of seven Bay Area counties together envisioned the creation of a center that could build a regional trauma-informed system of care to improve the ways we understand, respond to, and heal trauma. With federal seed funding from SAMHSA, these counties and East Bay Agency for Children officially launched Trauma Transformed in October 2015.


Trauma Transformed is the only regional center and clearinghouse in the Bay Area dedicated to promoting a trauma informed system of care. By providing trainings and policy guidance to systems of care professionals and organizations, Trauma Transformed is dedicated to reducing the re-traumatization of youth and families and the professionals who serve them


Trauma Transformed focuses its efforts in five key work areas:


  • Center and Clearinghouse: Establish and maintain a physical center and digital clearinghouse to coordinate, consolidate and disseminate resources
  • Promote Youth and Family Practice: Promote youth and family partnerships in Trauma Transformed and public systems to advance meaningful system change
  • Care Coordination: Establish and maintain a regional model to provide coordinated services for youth and children placed out of county, and children, youth and families served by multiple systems within counties
  • Workforce Education and Support: Develop and coordinate Trauma-Informed Systems (TIS 101) training resources for dissemination to providers, consumers, and county staff across sectors of social services, behavioral and physical health, juvenile justice, education, and early childhood
  • Sustainable and Effective Policies and Practice: Support counties to select, implement, share, and sustain effective and meaningful trauma-informed practices and policies
  • The story of Trauma Transformed is the story of courage, the courage to invest deeply in something that is difficult to describe and occurs very gradually through a persistent and ardous labor of love.


    Review the progress made by EBAC's Trauma Transformed initiative since its inception.
    Review the impact. (pdf)


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    Together we can reduce the impact of trauma and social inequities.

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