Wish List


You can support East Bay Agency for Children’s work with vulnerable children and families by donating any of the items listed on our “Wish List”. Please contact Ursula McClure at 510-844-6718 or Ursula.McClure@ebac.org if you are able to provide any of these needed items. If you would like a tax receipt acknowledgement, please submit the on-line form. A tax receipt will be provided to you for your records.

Thank you for your generous support for our community’s children.


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Wish List

  • Tools for our School-based Therapists
  • After School and Early Childhood
  • Items for our Teen Program
  • Grief and Illness Support Services
  • Items for the Family Resource Center
  • Frick Health and Wellness Center


    Tools for our School-based Therapists
    1. Model magic (sculpting clay for expressive arts projects)
    2. Puppets (animals and humans to use in trauma skits)
    3. Meditation Bells to lead mindfulness activities
    4. Gift Cards
    5. Doll houses (wooden or Fisher Price type)
    6. Dolls (baby dolls, small dolls for doll houses)
    7. Rugs (5’ x 6’)
    8. Board games (Jenga, Trouble, Scrabble, etc.), like the Talking, Feeling, Doing game, Fine sand (for sand trays)
    9. Kitchen sets (Tyco-type w/ stove, refrigerator)
    10. Rocking chairs (child and adult size)
    11. Doll-size cribs
    12. Dress-up clothes for children(for dramatic play)
    13. Hats (child-size: police/firefighter helmet, cowboy hats, funny hats)
    14. Doctor kits
    15. Small sand tray figures


    After School and Early Childhood Program Supplies
    1. Books for grades pre-school through 5th grade
    2. Long (for groups) and short (for individuals) jump ropes
    3. Playground balls (not vinyl kind), such as soccer, basketball, wall balls
    4. Hula hoops (assorted sizes)
    5. Sidewalk chalk
    6. Glow in the dark stars
    7. Craft masks and boxes
    8. CD player
    9. I-pod and/or I-pod Player
    10. Speakers
    11. Shelving, bookshelf and cork board/whiteboard
    12. Scholarly prizes for afterschool students like college pencils, key chains, backpacks, etc.
    13. Colored Markers
    14. Art Supplies like new boxes of crayons, paint and canvases
    15. Camera


    Items for our Teen Programs
    1. Chess set (x2)
    2. Stress balls
    3. Play doh
    4. Life (the board game)
    5. Exercise balls
    6. Aromas (lavenders, vanilla, flowers etc. etc…)
    7. Games for teenagers
    8. Sand Tray figures
    9. Sand Tray


    Grief and Illness Support Services
    1. Grief books for kids
    2. Juice boxes for snack time in group (10% juice preferred)
    3. Healthy snacks
    4. Gift certificates to book stores or Safeway gift cards
    5. Decaf/ herbal tea – For parent support groups
    6. Zafu style floor pillows – For Circle
    7. Djembe drums
    8. Art supplies – washable Tempera paint, Elmer’s glue, Magic Markers, glitter glue
    9. Wooden spoons – to make talking sticks
    10. Magazines for/with people of color for collages


    Items for the Family Resource Center
    1. Desktop computer
    2. Table to add to desk
    3. Office printer


    Frick Health & Wellness Center
    1. Sneakers
    2. Backpacks
    3. Toiletries (especially deodorant, soap, lotion, lip balm)
    4. School supplies
    5. Indoor plants
    6. Magazine rack
    7. Tea Textured cloths or sarongs to make lighting in office more inviting

    In-Kind Donation Form - Click Here

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