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Trauma-Informed Collaborative

T2 Trauma Transformed

What we know
Adversity in childhood impacts health across a lifespan. Exposure to violence, loss, poverty and trauma increases chances of learning disorders, heart disease, and early death among other poor health outcomes. This is a national health problem.

We are a regional response
Responding to trauma in our communities can impact public systems and our workforce. We all benefit from a framework to understand this impact and sustain practices that foster mutual wellness and recovery.

Together, we are stronger

What we do
Training: The center will identify promising practices at the regional level so that more Bay Area residents have access to the best care possible.

Policy: As a regional policy hub, the center aligns policies and practices across county lines and sectors, putting our people before our systems.

Care Coordination: Our public health systems can be fragmented and challenging to navigate. The center facilitates systems coming together to make sure that every door to care is an open door.

Who we are
Seven counties working together as one regional, coordinated, trauma-informed Bay Area system of care: Alameda Contra Costa Marin San Mateo Santa Clara Santa Cruz San Francisco

For more information visit www.traumatransformed.org.

or contact

Jen Leland, MFT
T2 Center Director



We believe that if we build strong children, there will be fewer adults to mend.

—Outstanding Results—

13 dedicated programs

61 years of service

21,000 children and families served every year

95% satisfaction

"EBAC provides a safety net for the students who are most at risk of failure, catching kids who typically fall through the cracks. EBAC is very good at addressing whatever is distressing them and looking at how those stressors affect their ability to succeed in school." Barbara McClung
Program Manager, Integrated Student Support Services

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