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Therapeutic Nursery School

EBAC’s Therapeutic Nursery School (TNS) is an innovative program established to focus attention on the mental health and educational needs of young children with severe emotional and behavioral problems that prevent them from functioning in traditional preschools. 

TNS provides specialized treatment and utilizes a “day treatment” format in which children attend school all day, five days a week, then return home each evening. TNS uses play-based therapy with a strong behavioral component to provide a structured, consistent and nurturing environment. This not only leads to the development of trusting, intimate and meaningful relationships, it reduces acting out, helps improve the children’ ability to focus and increases social skills.

Our teachers and mental health therapists meet frequently with the family to provide support, discuss the child’s progress, and review treatment goals. There is an approximately 1:2 staff to child ratio. Many of our children go on to succeed in mainstream kindergarten classrooms. This early intervention not only improves the child’s likelihood to do well in school, but reduces the chance that they will require long-term mental health services.

6117 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Oakland, CA 94609
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For more information, contact:
Nancy Wallin, MFT, Program Director
510-655-4896 ext.6103



Little Natalia was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and as a result, had substantial behavioral and emotional challenges.
Read Natalia's story.

"EBAC provides a safety net for the students who are most at risk of failure, catching kids who typically fall through the cracks. EBAC is very good at addressing whatever is distressing them and looking at how those stressors affect their ability to succeed in school." Barbara McClung
Program Manager, Integrated Student Support Services

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