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Child Assault Prevention Program

The East Bay Agency for Children is a recognized leader in teaching children and youth how to recognize and respond to situations that are unsafe and abusive, addressing the preventable aspects of child abuse, neglect and other forms of violence through services offered by the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Program. CAP workshops are provided to Alameda County children and youth from preschool through high school, with other specialized trainings offered to parents/care givers, school staff, youth serving professionals, and the community at-large.

Our prevention workshops and trainings are based on the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) model, a world-renowned curriculum that uses a human rights approach to understanding violence against children and the Nurturing Parenting Programs, family-based programs with a proven track record of preventing the recurrence of child abuse and neglect by building nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abusive and neglectful parenting.

CAP Workshops have three components: Children's/Youth Workshop, Parent/Care giver Workshop, and Youth Service Provider Workshop. Workshops for children and youth are developmentally appropriate, non-threatening and engaging, using a combination of role-playing, and guided group discussions and activities designed to teach specific skills and strategies for abuse and violence prevention.

The focus for younger children (preschool-5th grade) includes bullying behavior, child abduction, and sexual assault. For the older child the focus also includes internet safety and cyberbullying. The focus for youth (6th-12th grades) includes family violence (physical, sexual, verbal, neglect), dating and domestic violence, youth violence issues including sexual harassment, hate-motivated behavior, cyber bullying, and internet safety.

A modified curriculum for children and youth with special needs is available, and services are available in Spanish with training materials available in other languages.

CAP Workshops for adults are specially designed for the target population (parents, school staff, youth serving professionals, faith communities, the community at-large) and include topics such as the dynamics of child abuse and neglect; family and youth violence; recognizing and addressing bullying/cyberbullying; internet safety; definitions and characteristics of child abuse, neglect, and all other forms of assault; mandated reporting and responsibilities; crisis intervention techniques; prevention strategies; and community resources.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs target all families and those who are at risk for abuse and neglect with children birth to 18 years. These services are provided in conjunction with the CAP Adult Workshops and for specific populations served.

The Child Assault Prevention Program offers fulfilling volunteer and internship opportunities.

For more information contact:

Alinya Charron, Program Director
510-531-7551 x3109

To schedule a workshop contact:
Claudia Arce, Program Coordinator


Too many children are in danger of being victims of assault and abuse . Read their stories.

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