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Building on over 60 years of experience addressing children’s mental health needs, East Bay Agency for Children today invests over $10 million annually in over 20,000 East Bay children and families through a comprehensive continuum of services designed to reduce the incidence and impact of childhood trauma and adverse experiences resulting in immediate and long-term life improvement for those children and their families.

EBAC’s programs are particularly effective as they benefit from our staff and agency experience, knowledge, and cultural and language competence in serving children and communities disproportionately impacted by poverty, violence, marginalization, loss of loved ones, and other forms of trauma.

Our programs and service each reflect one or more of our three strategies:

Building Resiliency
We deliver intervention services that help children and families protect themselves against long term harm from chronic exposure to adversity.

Aiding in Recovery
We deliver intervention services that treat children exhibiting traumatic stress symptoms and emotional or behavioral disorders.

We deliver services that reduce the risk of childhood adverse experiences.

To optimize our efforts, we offer a variety of services that complement one another to effectively address the complex needs of children and family. To reduce barriers in receiving our services, we deliver the majority of our services in schools and community locations where children and families already congregate. Additionally, our staff are primarily from the communities they serve, which helps children and families feel comfortable and trusting of those offering assistance. And finally, we conduct our work within a trauma-informed framework, understanding that children exposed to trauma see the world differently and are often misunderstood.

The desired results of our programs and services are:

  • Children face less emotional and physical risk.
  • Children and families in all neighborhoods and of all ethnicities are healthier because they have affordable health insurance, food assistance and other public benefits they need.
  • Children exposed to trauma can heal and they are better able to withstand exposure to future adversity.
  • Children and families can reach their full potential regardless of what neighborhood they call home, what language they speak, or their race or ethnicity.
  • We see measurable progress in protective factors:
    • children’s ability to cope with trauma
    • families’ ability to provide a safe and healthy home for their children

    • the community’s ability to offer adequate opportunities for families to be employed, play safely outside, and give children quality education

Program areas include intensive therapeutic health, school-based behavioral health, and family and community wellness. And in 2015, EBAC began coordination of the T2 (Trauma Transformed) Center, the 7 bay area county collaborative to improve the trauma-informed system of care for children needing services for exposure to trauma.




We believe that if we build strong children, there will be fewer adults to mend.

—Outstanding Results—

13 dedicated programs

61 years of service

21,000 children and families served every year

95% satisfaction

"With budgets at every level of government being cut, including many types of support for children and youth, the impact of an organization like EBAC with a strong track record is substantial. They're helping raise the standard for student achievement, creating a more level playing field for kids so that they have a fighting chance to stay in school, to learn, and to have some of that learning reinforced at home and in the community." Lisa Villarreal
Program Officer, Education
San Francisco Foundation

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