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For nearly six decades, East Bay Agency for Children has worked tirelessly to teach children in Alameda County the strategies needed to overcome issues standing in the way of achieving success in school and life.  Our unique and broad range of services including our school-based mental health services, family & child support programs, child assault prevention program, and childhood bereavement groups work collaboratively to strengthen children and families. 

We believe that if we build strong children, there will be fewer adults to mend. 

Our Children’s Stories
Mental Health Counseling at School Sites (PALS)
Intensive Therapy in Specialized Classrooms
Student and Community Family Support Services
Child Assault Prevention Training Center (CAP)
Circle of Care (Grief and Illness Support Services)




We believe that if we build strong children, there will be fewer adults to mend.

—Outstanding Results—

18 dedicated programs

62 years of service

21,000 children and families served every year

95% satisfaction

"With budgets at every level of government being cut, including many types of support for children and youth, the impact of an organization like EBAC with a strong track record is substantial. They're helping raise the standard for student achievement, creating a more level playing field for kids so that they have a fighting chance to stay in school, to learn, and to have some of that learning reinforced at home and in the community." Lisa Villarreal
Program Officer, Education
San Francisco Foundation

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