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Despite the overall wealth of the Bay Area, 1 in 5 of its residents lives in poverty. Children have vastly different prospects and opportunity dependent upon the zip code in which they live. An African American child Born in West Oakland can expect to die almost fifteen years earlier than a white child born in the Oakland Hills. These social determinants of health combined with adverse childhood experiences such as abuse, neglect, household dysfunction create toxic stress and chronic exposure to trauma for many children.

To address these needs, East Bay Agency for Children delivers a comprehensive continuum of services focused on these three strategies.

Building Resiliency
We deliver intervention services that help children and families protect themselves against long term harm from chronic exposure to adversity.

Aiding in Recovery
We deliver intervention services that treat children exhibiting traumatic stress symptoms and emotional or behavioral disorders.

We deliver services that reduce the incidence of childhood adverse experiences.

East Bay Agency for Children has a long history providing community-based services that both serve as prevention and complementary recovery services to vulnerable children and families. EBAC brings great value in the cultural diversity and multi-language capacity of its staff, enabling successful engagement with children and families that may be otherwise disconnected. Programming is already embedded at schools, which are widely recognized as key strategic engagement locations. In terms of scale of clients served annually and breadth of service types amongst its continuum, EBAC has few rivals, providing real opportunity for transformational impact .


East Bay Agency for Children improves the well-being of children, youth and families by reducing the impact of trauma and social inequities.


We are committed to building a comprehensive, place-based continuum of accessible, trauma informed and culturally relevant services that build resiliency, aid in recovery, and, where possible, prevent exposure to adverse childhood experiences. We seek to reduce barriers that contribute to disparities in wellness for socioeconomically disadvantaged and racially marginalized families and to create communities where all children and families have supports to reach their full potential.


We believe in EQUITY, that all people should have access to services, supports and opportunities to be successful. We subscribe to the theory of “targeted universalism”, whereby our strategies recognize and are responsive to the unique needs of marginalized children and families. We believe that a culturally and ethnically diverse staff with broad language capacity and roots in the communities we serve is critical to our success.

We approach our work with HUMILITY. We are committed to learning and reflection, to being open, curious and responsive in our interactions with one another and in relationship with community partners and those we serve.

We pursue COLLABORATION. We aspire to true partnering and leveling the power differences with those we serve. We work with transparency and believe that children and families greatly benefit when engaged in their own care and advocacy. We strive to lead or follow, dependent upon how we can bring optimum value, in working with public systems, policy makers, partner providers, and the private sector in reducing disparities and promoting equity.

We embrace and cultivate INNOVATION. We are creative in our approach and boldly take risks to challenge perceived notions of the limitations of those we serve.

We are committed to EFFECTIVENESS. Our service models and strategies are evidence- informed and grounded in best practice. We continually work to understand and improve our outcomes through a data-driven culture. We hold ourselves and each other accountable.

EBAC's Service Areas

School-based Services
Intensive treatment and behavioral health intervention services are provided to students on 40 school campuses throughout Alameda County.

Family Support Services
Many families turn to EBAC for help accessing critical community resources for their basic needs and educational support for their children.

Community and Prevention Services
Prevention and early intervention services include child assault prevention, early childhood programs, and afterschool programs.

Youth Justice Services
Intervention and recovery services Intercede when social inequities create disparities in wellness for teens who are disproportionately impacted by trauma.


East Bay Agency for Children's EIN is 94-1358309


We believe that if we build strong children, there will be fewer adults to mend.

—Outstanding Results—

18 dedicated programs

62 years of service

21,000 children and families served every year

95% satisfaction

"EBAC provides a safety net for the students who are most at risk of failure, catching kids who typically fall through the cracks. EBAC is very good at addressing whatever is distressing them and looking at how those stressors affect their ability to succeed in school." Barbara McClung
Program Manager, Integrated Student Support Services

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